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Back to School in Uganda!

For the past several months, the schools in Uganda have been closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We have just been told the government has given the nonprofit we work with permission to open their school back up! Before the COVID mandates were put in place, they leased a new school building in Ntungamo.

Finally, the children will have the opportunity to learn in the new school location! Classes will need to be held in two locations to meet the requirements that the government has given the school.

Supporting the education of Batwa children in Uganda is what our main mission is at Stickers from Uganda. The news of the school reopening has brought joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces.

There is still a monetary need to make sure all the children are funded, and we will continue to do our part to make sure every child is fully funded. There are three hundred children we work with, and currently, there is a need of $110 per child.

If you wish to sponsor a child directly you can do so here

Already there are stickers drawn by Godwin, Racheal, Adolophus, and others in California, Michigan, Florida, Texas, France, Portugal, Mexico, and some on their way to England. I dream that someday we won't need to lease a school. I believe someday their stickers will build a school to own for themselves and future generations.

Until that day arrives, we will be working toward it one sticker, one life, one story, and one child at a time.

Love people and dream big,

Stickers from Uganda

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