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Bring Sustainable Food to the Batwa

Updated: Jun 28

I love airports and traveling to new places. My favorite activity when I travel is to keep an eye out for people I may know. It doesn't matter where in the world I am. I'm always looking for familiar faces! One of the reasons I like stickers so much is that they help me identify people with whom I may have a shared experience. I like the National Parks in the U.S. Zion is probably my favorite. Anytime I see someone with an Angels Landing sticker, I know I've found a friend! My favorite stickers come from Uganda, though.

The past two years have seen many challenges for the Batwa tribe in Uganda. Rising food costs and supply chain issues mean many are going hungry. However, there have also been many reasons for great joy over the last two years.

Hope Ministries Uganda is a nonprofit working to decrease aid dependency within the Batwa community. The nonprofit is helping them to become more independent through sustainable projects that generate income and resources. The 40 acres making up the Land of Living Hope were purchased in 2016 by Hope Ministries Uganda. Since then, the nonprofit has continued to work towards completing its original vision.

Since 2020 we have helped complete the construction of the primary and secondary school buildings, which are currently used as dormitories for 335 Batwa orphans. Construction was also completed on the F.M. Spargo Multipurpose Building, which will house classrooms, church services, and food preparation in the indoor kitchen.

The purchase of new mattresses for the 335 Batwa children living at the Land of Living Hope means they now have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Additionally, a rain-harvesting system and 10000-liter water tank was built to benefit a small, remote community of Batwa families at

Mukungu. An area where water was difficult to access. The metal roof, which serves to harness the rainwater, also doubles as a life-changing shaded meeting area that will be used for future medical and pregnancy clinics. Access to clean water improves sanitation, hygiene, and living standards.

The completion of life-changing projects happens when we use what we have to show up in the lives of others and show them, love. Stickers from Uganda's mission continues to be to show love to those in need and support education, homes, food, and medical care for children from the Batwa tribe in Uganda.

These projects and many more were completed due to the donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to partnering together to change lives. We are proud to be a small part of that effort.

With the growing challenge of rising food costs and supply chain issues, Hope Ministries Uganda has developed a campaign to complete a new project to bring a sustainable food source to the Land of Living Hope. At Stickers from Uganda, when we hear about projects like these, we can't help but want to be involved.

The Farm to Their Table Campaign seeks to raise funds to purchase 70 acres of farmland, equipment, and resources necessary for the Batwa to begin farming the land. This land's sustainable food source will help protect the Batwa children from hunger and food shortages caused by rising costs and supply chain issues.

We are launching a limited edition sticker supporting this food sustainability project. If you want to get involved and be a part of providing a sustainable food source for the Batwa children, you can pre-order one of our limited edition stickers or donate directly to the project.

When I started Stickers from Uganda, all I had was about 192 dollars in the bank and a huge dream that someday we would be able to build and fund a school for every kid from the Batwa tribe. I want to see them go on and make a difference in their community, country, and world. Where does it all start, though? The beautiful thing about impacting other people's lives for the better is that it doesn't take a lot!

We are launching this sticker for a limited time to support the Farm to their Table campaign. If you would like to join us in making a small difference in the lives of others, you can preorder a sticker today.

The watermelon design comes from the most recent packet of drawings we received from Uganda and was drawn by one of the 335 orphans from the Batwa tribe that currently live at the Land of Living Hope.

I love the idea that we can use something as simple as a sticker to help impact lives for the better. If you also love that idea, then let's stick some of these stickers to our suitcases or laptops, and we can wave at each other at the airport or coffee shop, knowing we partnered together to help bring a sustainable food source to some people in need.

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