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Heaven is Like a Tea Shop

I am the type of person who has dreams almost every night, and I usually remember them. I've had dreams about being stuck on an island with a crazy killer monkey, I've dreamed of being a spy, about fighting dragons, I have even had dreams about being lost in the woods with a group of witches hunting me down!

But last night I had a different kind of dream.

In my dream, I was sitting in a tea shop, drinking some tea. The shop owner, an older man with a long white beard, came over to pour me some more tea. After filling my cup, he set out another for himself, and after filling it with tea, he sat down.

As we both sipped our cups of tea, he sat back into his chair and let out a long sigh. "Heaven is a lot like this tea shop." The shop owner said to me. "What do you mean?" I asked. "The door to my tea shop is locked," The man said. "But anyone who has a key can come in and drink my tea for free." The man paused for a moment before continuing. "Look out at the street and tell me what you see." I looked out into the street and saw a young man with a large bag full of keys in my dream. He had keys in his hand and was offering them to everyone who passed by. As I watched, a man in a suit and bowler hat walked past the young man and climbed the steps to the tea house. He seemed to be in a hurry. Fishing around in his pocket, the bowler hat man pulled out a keychain with many keys on it. The man stuck his key into the lock, but it wouldn't fit. After trying several others, the man grew frustrated and stormed away down the street.

"You see, although I offer a key to anyone who wants, the strange thing is people still try to use their own keys." The shop owner said to me.

I think heaven is a lot like this tea shop. The door is locked, but God offers us a key to unlock the door through His son Jesus. Rather than accept God's key, many of us are trusting in keys we have made of good works or some other key we have found.

The man with the bowler hat had a whole key chain full of good keys; there was nothing wrong with those keys, and they each worked just fine at starting cars, unlocking garages, and opening postal boxes, but none of them was the right key, none of them could open the tea shop.

I liked this dream. It was different. When talking to people about heaven, I will explain that it is a lot like a locked tea house.

There is only one key to unlock the door, and it is freely offered. The shop owner has already created the way to enter, the cost for entrance is paid. If we want to enter, there is only one thing we must do. We must accept God's key.

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