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How to apply a sticker to a surfboard

Stickers have always been a great way for surfers to express their style or show off their favorite brands. This blog covers 5 easy steps to placing your surfboard sticker.

Vinyl stickers are durable and are the best sticker material for surfboards. Once you have decided what sticker to use on your surfboard, take the following steps to ensure a successful placement.

Step 1. Ensure the board is at a moderate temperature. A board that is too hot or too cold may prevent the sticker from bonding correctly.

Step 2. Clean the area around where the sticker will be. Make sure the area is clear of all sand, wax, and dirt.

Step 3. Remove the backing from the sticker.

Step 4. Carefully lower the sticker to the board and smooth out all air pockets with a credit card.

Step 5. Avoid getting the sticker wet for 6 hours after placement to ensure the sticker bonds completely.

It's as easy as those five steps! The important thing is to make sure you take the time to align the sticker up correctly. Once it is placed, it can't be adjusted.

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