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Racheal's Leaf brings a smile to my face. I unboxed the first pack of stickers, and I smiled because I knew her leaf sticker would spread smiles across many people's faces.  To turn over a new leaf means a positive change has occurred in someone's life. You and I are working to turn over a new leaf in Racheal's life with something as simple as a sticker.   


The Leaf sticker is perfect for your vehicle, laptop, water bottle, or outdoor gear. 


Our Stickers are made of thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects it from sunlight and scratching so it won’t fade. Clean all dirt, sand, or wax from the surface where the sticker will be placed, apply, and press firmly, removing any air bubbles. Each sticker we sell helps provide education, food, shelter, medical care, and hope to a Batwa child in Uganda.


Artist: Racheal

Location: Uganda


Leaf Sticker Drawn by Racheal