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Dream Small

My name is Jordan Van Loo. In 2020, While surfing in South Florida, I had the idea to help fund education for kids in Uganda using stickers. So I founded Stickers from Uganda to make a difference in people's lives.


Why Uganda?

In 1991 the Batwa tribe located in the southwest corner of Uganda was evicted from their rainforest home where their tribe had lived for generations. One of the oldest documented tribes was forced from their way of life so that the Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest could be made into a World Heritage Site to protect the 350 endangered mountain gorillas.


Why Stickers?

Stickers travel far. We want to spread awareness for the Batwa across the globe. Be noticed, I want our stickers to be seen, and I want the world to hear of the Batwa. 



We work closely with a nonprofit organization that runs a school to support the needs of the Batwa children at the school. 


The Future

We want to help equip future generations of Batwa to break the cycle of poverty within their people group and go on to change their community, county, and the world for the better.