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The roots of a tree reach outward to gather in nutrients for the tree. The branches and bark provide a home and a shelter for many species of birds and creatures. Daphine's tree is a little different. This tree shares a story of a small girl full of passion and life, a small girl who is changing her community with a sticker. Daphine's sticker reaches further than any tree you may find in the woods because her tree reaches into hearts and changes lives.  


Daphine's Tree sticker is perfect for your vehicle, laptop, water bottle, or outdoor gear. 


Each Sticker from Uganda is made of durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects it from sunlight and scratching. Our stickers are waterproof and can even be put through the dishwasher. More importantly, each sticker sold helps support education for the Batwa children and provide for any other needs. Stickers from Uganda are working to change lives one sticker at a time. 

Artist: Daphine

Location: Uganda


Tree Sticker Drawn by Daphine