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This butterfly sticker has made its way from Uganda and is now ready to travel to you!


Life is a journey full of peaks and valleys. We use the summits of life to keep sight of the goal and press on through the valleys. Take joy in the journey of life and find strength each day, knowing some are cheering you on every step of the way. The best is yet to come and what lies ahead is greater than what lies behind. 


The Journey sticker is perfect for your vehicle, surfboard, laptop, water bottle, or outdoor gear.


Each Sticker from Uganda is made of durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects it from sunlight and scratching. Our stickers are waterproof and can even be put through the dishwasher. More importantly, each sticker sold helps support education for the Batwa children and provide for any other needs. Stickers from Uganda are working to change lives one sticker at a time. 


The sun has just risen over Uganda, and as you make your way down a red dirt road located south of Kampala, the fog begins to lift. Your name is Hellen, and you are a member of the Batwa tribe. In 1991 your grandparents were forcibly removed from their ancestral home in the rainforest. For generations, your tribe has been the guardians of the rainforest.


With their way of life taken from them, your tribe has suffered many hardships. You attend a local school and hope to learn the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty and help restore some of what has been taken from your community.


The stickers you draw help cover the cost of school for yourself and your friends.

The Journey